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White Lake and Area

White Lake is a beautiful pristine lake with an opportunity to relax, hike, fish, or explore quad trails in the area.

Renowned for its excellent recreational rainbow trout fishing (trout to 5kg), White Lake is one of the top three angling lakes in BC, popular for both fly fishing and trolling.  

Home to the intermountain Rocky Mountain population of the Western painted turtle, easily found basking on partially submerged logs during warm summer days.

White Lake is perfect for trolling, canoeing, water skiing, paddle boarding or kayaking.  Rentals for a 25HP 14' runabout, canoe, and four seater peddle boat available, adjacent to Serenity.

Activities in Surrounding Area

  • John Evdokimoff Community Park - BMX course, basketball court, swings, slides, hiking trails and more, 5 minute walk from Serenity

  • Great motorcycle riding area (touring featured in magazines)

  • Dreamcycle museum

  • The Nature Bay Wildlife Sanctuary - see Herons, fishing, pheasants, ducks (Mallard), and turtles

  • Demilles Farmers market with petting farm, turkeys, goats, etc. in Salmon Arm

  • Pier walking trails at Canoe Beach

  • Shuswap Pie Company

  • R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum

  • Hugh Memorial Park and swimming area  

  • Wine tours

  • 3 golf courses  

  • Music Festivals

  • Weekly Farmer's Markets in Sorrento


  • Restaurants and grocery stores are only thirteen minutes away in Blind Bay

  • Medical clinic, dentists, chiropractor, restaurants, post office and banks can be found in Sorrento, 15 minutes away

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